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Malinda Sherrill, PA-C

Malinda Sherrill is a family nurse practitioner with over 29 years of experience. She practices holistic care, helping her patients formulate individual plans for health and wellness. She promotes healthy living and lifestyles with her patients and overall community.

Michael Cevasco, PA-C

Michael Cevasco is a board certified physician assistant with more than 30 years experience. At Harmony Medical Care, he provides a variety of services, from preventive care to minor surgical procedures.

Our Services

Harmony Medical care provides minor surgery, management of health issues, physicals and a variety of diagnostic services. Call 704-546-7587 to make an appointment.

New patients welcome.

Same day sick appointments available.

Harmony Medical Care

3210 Harmony Highway
Harmony, NC 28634
Phone: 704-546-7587

Malinda Sherrill, PA-C
Michael Cevasco, PA-C
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